Mr Lyons,

Politics is Power.

Let’s review the last 18 months, for the winners is was a runaway success in terms of real, raw power including violence, vast sums transferred to the elites, their enemies leaderless, impoverished, demoralized, scattered.

Trump is gone, mostly because COVID allowed voting fraud on a massive scale.

Americas cities burned- in the most massive use of force on American soil since the Civil War. Indeed, that presently was the second Civil War in 2020 and the Dems won this time by forfeit. The people in those cities know who’s boss - the nearest historical analogy is the SA running amok in Germany in 1933 before being reined in.

All those pesky small businesses are crushed.

Trillions flowed to the loyalist woke corporations both from the treasury (heard of Blackrock, Boeing?) and from consumers with no place to buy but Amazon.

Every business but especially small business knows they exist at the whim of the state.

Moreover in the traditional use of power to humiliate Americans are forced to this day to submit to face Sharia.

The elites and their strivers are United in their grasp of America - as TIME boasts:


The Republic fell on January 20th - in case you missed it- and we have no Constitution and no real laws.

The Dems most reliable street soldiers- criminals- run amok while the Police are being destroyed along with our cities.

The Border is opened - as is the nation - to Plunderers high and low.

Power in the raw is exercised over us by psychotics, with their only limits being frankly their own personal cowardice.

If you look above you’ll notice all the losers crushed by the machine were Republicans, and the runaway victors Democrats. I do not mean politicians, I mean the common man, I mean voters. The Dems and the elites knew who their enemies were - the people above- and crushed and looted their enemies, burning their cities.

Now this is normal history, normal politics returns.

Raw power- you crush your enemies, reward your followers.

Just our first time.

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>"Trump is gone, mostly because COVID allowed voting fraud on a massive scale."

Right, sure.

Trust the plan.

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And please don’t blame the scientists, good grief.

Do you really blame Lysenko? Stalin would have killed him!

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If you're going to continue to cite with approval white-nationalist-adjacent morons like Moldbug (Yarvin), I won't be subscribing for much longer ...


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Hmm, thanks for the link Mark

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I kinda doubt that the lab-leak story is going to have much political effect. It seems to me that almost no matter what your political worldview was, the lab leak just confirms it.

Also, the rapid vaccine development just shows that, even though those science guys can screw things up pretty badly, it's good to have them around to clean up. Worst case is somebody else (eg China) has screwing-up science guys and you don't. So you better keep funding yours.

Plus, the zone has already been flooded with so much shit that future revelations are just going to drown in it. From the VF article: "Steve Bannon, for instance, joined forces with an exiled Chinese billionaire named Guo Wengui to fuel claims that China had developed the disease as a bioweapon and purposefully unleashed it on the world. As proof, they paraded a Hong Kong scientist around right-wing media outlets until her manifest lack of expertise doomed the charade."

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While the genetic modification of mosquitoes is not something to take lightly, I found this article about a similar program with screwworms to be interesting:


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If you believe it was a lab leak and I do, it is not unique. Both the the US and the UK had lab leaks of live smallpox virus, a far deadlier disease. We got lucky as the US leaks never got into the wild and the UK leak was contained after one lab employee was infected. God only knows what happened with Soviets and post-Soviets. And the political response to the virus did far more damage than the virus itself. Unfortunately, the Chinese now know that our political leadership is completely crazy. This does not bode well for the future.

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>"And the political response to the virus did far more damage than the virus itself."

The political response killed 4 million people?

I guess I missed that little news item ...

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Nobody knows how many people the virus killed because the data was corrupted with people dying with the virus, not necessarily of the virus and with multiple comorbidies. There is also an unknown but large number of deaths that will show up due to missed cancer screenings, delayed heart procedures etc. This was a combination of the medical industry being all COVID all the time for months last year and the panic porn causing people to be afraid to go out. And then there is is the mixed messaging from CDC etc causing a sharp increase in anti-vax sentiment which will lead to more deaths in the future. But I was really talking about the gigantic economic damage.

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IMO, current "excess deaths" estimates are reliable indicators, and those generally give numbers above 4 million. The "large number of deaths" that will "show up" due to delayed health care can also be estimated, and is nowhere near 4 million. You can talk about economic damage, but how to balance it against lives depends on your priors. So your "far more damage" claim is at best contingent on priors that many of us do not share, and so should not be presented as anything like an established fact.

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Excess deaths is certainly a useful analysis. However, those would also include deaths caused by the lockdowns. And some of the events that may have an impact haven't happened yet so can only be guessed at. What if the virus killed mostly people on their last legs. Then excess deaths should go negative in the future

What if anti-vax bleeds over into other diseases. What if the Chinese are emboldened by the lunacy to do it again. What if the lockdowns had no impact on the spread of the disease causing the economic damage without changing the death toll.

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"I truly hope that the mRNA vaccine is a stunning scientific breakthrough."

It will be but not likely in the way you want.

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I have political knowledge otherwise.

If you take the new vaccines esp mRNA you are volunteering to be guinea pigs for psychopaths.

I also have Gulf War syndrome knowledge otherwise; they panicked and gave us all Mestarin at large doses (see Senator Jay Rockefeller hearings) and it made us sick - as they panicked over Saddam’s nerve gas arsenal. In my case it passed- because I quit at 5 pills (full course would have been hundred or more). Then they lied for years.

And they were just panicking bureaucrats at DOD.

We have far worse now. Far worse.

God saves your soul, not your ass.

Not being snarky.

You take the vax, pay the tax.


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We stand guard now by being the ones who won’t do their worst bidding. The Force Not in Being to make a sad pun.

Directly there are men with guns who WON’T obey say a Swalwell (Bomb Flyover country).

This is all we can do.

That and wait for clearer skies.

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