Its not madness, its method.

This is a formula for sowing chaos. The chaos State and Deep State has sown in the past has given them dictatorial powers in America (their main object) and vast wealth from the wars and suffering they inflicted. It would be as if Krupp munitions also specialized in combat trauma medical products.

They are solving a problem; their hold on power in America has no legitimacy and remains tenuous. Wars in every direction alleviate that core problem. Its distraction and sowing chaos as policy and it has worked to their immense advantage in the middle east and Ukraine and also immense riches, that allowed them to create a very interested group of American clients. By clients I mean they are its patrons, I mean war, contractors of all sorts- these are clientele and their real constituents. Many, many minor millionaires have been created from humble beginnings to minor millionaire status by war. Many more are doing intern then later management and so affluence on the “humanitarian “ and NGO side. Your government actually governs by handing out contracts. The contractors are the actual constituents, not the fey and feckless deluded voters. The American government has been a contracting brokerage since Clinton “reinvented government “

This gives them a broad base throughout the entire middle class, including Finance (SNAP, EBT aka welfare is contracted out to finance) and by the way the actual security and military organizations that fight are also contractors, as is Intelligence.

Why turn that all up in the air?

Because they need to consolidate their power and war allows them to do said consolidation.

Now it has long been considered prudent not to sow trouble in your own house, aka don’t 💩 where you live, but that prudence is gained by hard knocks- and they never have been. The Elites come straight from college to the ultimate college town of DC and act accordingly. They have no experience of violence, as we saw when they ran on Jan 6 that’s not something they handle well.

They are scared and starting fights in every direction from fear and weakness, this turning of nations into chaotic battlefields is their core strength; of course they play their strong cards.

Will it work?


The outcome?


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So the entire developed world is still doubling down on affecting total social collapse. God help us all.

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It is impossible to safely disagree with even an isolated fragment of the New Faith: like touching one spot in a spider web, you disturb the whole web.

And then, of course, the spider comes out.

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Damn. We’re so fucked.

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>Hence why Biden issues warnings like the one claiming that, “in so many places, including in Europe and the United States, democratic progress is under assault.”

I think Biden issued that warning because so many Red states in the US are moving to restrict voting rights, usually with schemes that will selectively impact poor people (eg, by cutting the number of polling places, ensuring long lines in urban areas).

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Your point about Indonesia is an interesting one. But of course, China is engaging in its own behavior that wouldn't exactly endear it to Indonesian (or other) Muslims. Their choice of ally will depend on how much they care about the morals of a country sending their co-religionists off to concentration camps if that country doesn't make religious/social demands of them, I suppose.

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America is sui generis by virtue of 2A: you know the right to “keep and bare”. Intersectionality and micro aggressions as a religious doctrine does not stand a chance with a large group of people; those people embrace a competing faith, steeped in the mythos of a citizen militia righteously resisting tyranny, they fancy themselves, by virtue of 2a, in possession of the means to resist.

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"To recognize every human being’s freedom to determine the confines of their existence, including their gender identity and expression."

Might I suggest that this sentence reflects the ultimate incoherence of Woke principles, and thus can be used to destroy the Woke state?

Consider what would happen if every person applying to a university states that they are a black, female, gay. When challenged on these, multiple easy responses come to mind:

- "that feels to me like a micro-aggression"

- "uh, who are you to tell me how a woman is supposed to look, dress, behave, sound"

- "gender-fluid means I choose whatever identity I feel like at any given time"

- "explain to me EXACTLY what black means? because last time I checked supposedly races did not exist"

This sounds sarcastic, but I am deadly serious. Woke has tied for itself the ultimate knot, that

- privileges should be dispensed based on identity BUT

- anyone can choose whatever identity they like any time they like

So why not choose whatever is most convenient in the moment, while filling out that application form? We all want to see what bizarre conglomeration of Nuremberg laws/not-one-drop weirdness comes out of Woke as the response...

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Apr 15, 2022·edited Apr 15, 2022

Indeed it’s an evangelical, aggressive and jealous New Faith we’re dealing with. It has high priests, lay preachers, holy books, declarations of faith, sinners, martyrs, shrines, excommunications, etc.

You know what it doesn’t have? The majority of trigger pullers in the USA. This will end, but it will end messily.

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Totalitarian finance using Marxist tactics to install a new world feudalism. Class warfare (the rich vs. everyone else) cloaked as social concern.

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The build back better meme is not only biden's. Apparently it was a commonly marketed idea that was used by england's bojo, spain's Sanchez, canada's troudeau, and some UN taling head even back in 2015. Schwab of the davosian fame has also used it. Apparently is a short way to talk about the new woke order, to signal the social transformation the western elites are trying to impose on the plebs

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Mr Lyons; congratulations!

You are hereby promoted to the Inner Ring of the actual American Government, which we might call the 7th Floor, or perhaps not.

You have before you 2 pieces of paper.

1. War under any terms with anyone who takes the bait, as always the outcome is unknown and may mean your Doom, but could be salvation.

2. Your Death Warrant; undated but you know it is coming.

Which do you choose?

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Haha. Harvard Law School researcher and author of the UN report called "The Law of Inclusion" chose to include Biden's campaign slogan "build, back better" into a United Nation's document on intersectionality. What an effin' farce.

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Chaos is better than losing power and their lives possibly, so this works.

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