I believe Rod Dreher was the first person I heard mention the idea that the rainbow flag is today's "Workers of the World Unite" sign in his book Live Not By Lies. Power of the Powerlesness is a great book to prepare us for resistance.

I worry where the Left is leading us with this sort of race/sex-essentialism. 50 years have been spent trying to obliterate white racial identity. Successfully -- the white-power crowd is a complete fringe today. But they won't stay that way if the Left keeps harping on race and trying to blame whites for every ill in the world. Because like it or not, there are right-wing political movements willing to meet the Left on its own race-essentialist terms. Richard Spencer and Ibram Kendi both see race as the core feature of all human relationships. The mainstream right needs an answer to this (and very soon) or the white-power-Right is going to grow, which would be a disaster. If you thought the Christian Right was authoritarian, just wait to till you meet his brother, the non-Christian Right.

The Nazis have about 2-3 percent support. Imagine for a moment if even 20-30% of whites in America developed the kind of racial-group consciousness that existed just 2-3 generations ago. Blue collar whites voting based on race: "sure he's a Nazi, but at least my kid won't get screwed out of college because he's white."

The Left is trying to use the demons of racism for their own political ends. Using demons as tools never ends well. And when I say demons here, I am not being entirely metaphorical., Colorblindness is far from perfect. The alternatives are far worse.

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Great piece. Cowardice will NOT be rewarded. The proper answer for much of our current culture is: FUCK OFF.

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Sadly, I am starting to doubt this is true: " the reasonable people who make up the rest of our society."

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I’m a student at a college in California. Going over the syllabus today we were informed that there is extra tutoring available through the “African-American Scholastic Program”, “Asian Pacific American Student Success Center”, “Latino Services Network”, and the “Filipino American Student Success Center”. (After being asked for our pronouns and told that masks were required)

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Why are we so fascinated by what is in the tide pools when a tidal wave is coming ?

I enjoy your writing both NS and Tom but find the comments a liitle snarky.

Move to higher ground. Get out of the cities.

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I actually think this is a good thing. It's exactly the same as the Afro-American Museum of History and Culture on the national mall a few blocks from the White House. It's an upside down ziggurat meant to mock the surrounding European neo-classical federal buildings. Coming soon, I believe, is a Latino museum, no doubt in the form of an Aztec/Mayan pyramid. The Enlightenment is coming to a fitting end and I'm all for it. The great god Dionysus is sweeping away the ridiculous pretensions of the Age of Reason and something called "human rights." Sane white men, you'd best strengthen yourselves metaphysically from an accelerating and galloping madness. You can run but you can't hide.

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It pains me to see veterans included in Seritfy's lineup.

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Roger Kimball at The New Criterion has a great term for all this nonsense: "virtue mongering."

I think what drives it in part is narcissism. The narcissist exhibits this sort of moral grandiosity because underneath it all he is quite insecure, and he cannot expose that soft psychic underbelly.

The best strategy in dealing with a narcissist is to deny him "supply." In other words, ignore him. Bypass this establishment and go to the one who just seeks to offer you a good meal minus the political claptrap.

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This is just hysterical. Who's threatened by it? If you can, on the one hand, point out its silliness, it seems perverse to - simultaneously - portray it as some kind of harbinger of western decline.

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A classic on the spiritual and psychological pathologies present at the origins of "identity politics".

(author is a science historian, "class struggle" socialist opposed to IdPol)


The First Privilege Walk


NOVEMBER 18, 2021

How Herbert Marcuse’s widow used a Scientology-linked cult’s methodology to gamify Identity Politics and thus helped steer the U.S. Left down the dead-end path of identitarian psychobabble.


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Jan 17, 2023·edited Jan 17, 2023

50% probability: s0r0z tr0ll-b0t


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It has been obvious for a while that the "woke" cargo cult zombies are sertifiable, but glad to see that it is now semi-official in the pristine eyes of the corporate-state.

(actual "news": rumor has it that vegan fast food drive throughs are being tilted up in suburban test markets.)

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Folks it’s just advertising.

Many eons ago being a “gay” restaurant was supposed to mean that you got chic food of a rarefied quality that only the richest and most discerning of snobs were allowed in and allowed to order. Men all looked like George Clooney or Denzel Washington, Michelle Yeoh sat next to Marlene Dietrich behind you and Nina Simone played piano and sang to you.

The rainbow flag was to sucker you into believing this.

The reality was that a rainbow sticker actually mean George Clooney’s cousin Al served onion rings dripping oil into the ranch sauce in plastic cups, and you found one of Marlene Dietrich’s eyelashes (or was it pubic hair) in the inedible kale whatever, and you had to wait an hour for the check from Denzel because Michelle Yeoh at the bar was busy selling booze to heavy men in crop tops and cutoff shorts.

The reality is that if it weren’t for ‘gay’, virtually all restaurants would be cafeterias.

Needless to say perhaps but a restaurant that puts stickers in windows is probably not such a great restaurants.

Not to say that I don’t love stickers - I love bumper stickers on other people’s cars. “I visited Mystery Hill” - go for it. And steer away from me!

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